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Nothing evil about this story, just 'creepy' but in a good way.
I have a friend that owns a hotel in Montana. We were playing poker one night and he was telling me that the hotel is the longest continually operated hotel in Montana, built over 100 years ago. So I ask him if he has any ghost stories from the place. He smiles and says yes, several. Turns out the place was used as a makeshift hospital during the flu epidemic back in 1918 to 1920 and lots of people died there.
He told me several stories but the best one was about the time he was going to change a lock at the hotel. There was a room that he wanted to use for storage but he could not find the key. The lock on the door was original so it was over 100 years old. There wasn’t anyway a local locksmith would be able to make a new key for that style of lock so he was going to have to replace the whole lockset. That bothered him because he really wanted to keep everything as original as possible. He stewed over it for a couple of days and finally decided that the next morning he was going to have to go down the hardware store and buy a new lockset for the old door. When he got up the next morning the missing key was sitting on a table near the door.
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