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I remember, years back, had to be 16/17 years old, I was taking my dog out for his evening walk. I'm passing my neighbors house and these three guys come out, one of 'em stopped me, young guys a small bit older than I was at the time. The guy starts asking me questions about my dog ( a German Shepherd), turns out he was a breeder, I talked with him and the other two for a good 20 minutes about GSD's. We shook hands, and went off on our seperate ways. Nice guys.
So I take my dog in and come back out, maybe 10 minutes later to meet some buddies, and I see about 5 NYPD units in front of my neighbors house, turns out, he was found shot execution style moments before by his wife who just got home. I found out my neighbor was a drug dealer, and with the timing, those guys I talked to leaving his house HAD to be the shooters. We talked for 20 min or so, they were making jokes and stuff, I had no clue.
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What crack pipe fever dream did that idiotic drivel come out of?
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