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I think the last thing Sasquatch needs is a bunch of TV nitwits running around in the woods in the dead of night making a lot of racket.

If you want to see one. Go deep into the woods. Sit down and STFU. Blend in. Even other critters can smell and hear a human for a mile or better. Old Timers we've met who live back in will neither confirm nor deny their existence.

They are curious creatures to be sure. If you read up on them any you'll learn they aren't stupid.

We used to hunt a lot in an area that is being studied for some time now. No one is talking about what they are finding, yet. Think it's been under study for about five years now.

We left that area about ten years ago. And we have watched some TV programs where they are filming in areas and trails we spent much time on back then. We are waiting to see what they come up with or if it is even published.

Some times we could go in and spend all day. Other times we wouldn't stay an hour because stuff wasn't right. We've heard but not seen. Thank God. This is not just one area but a whole zone that doesn't seem all that wild but is indeed.
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