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Been debating as to whether I should post this but I figure this is about as anonymous as it gets. I was 18 years old and working for my mom before beginning college. My older brother had also been working there there since he was 15,16 years old ( he's 5 years older than me by the way). Well, he had lost his license some years earlier for DUI and I would normally swing by and pick him up for work. He was a heavy drinker, so one morning when I stopped by and he didn't answer the door, I just figured he was passed out. I had seen him lock himself out a couple of times so I new where he kept his spare key. I open the door and immediately noticed furniture and tables knocked over, but no big deal. He and his girlfriend could throw down like UFC heavyweights. Continued to look through the house(in the dark) but no one was home. Finally just left and told mom bro wasnt coming to work today.
Fast forward to about midnight that same day. Used to be, down here in Ga there wasn't that much to get into on a Friday night, so we would ride dirt roads and drink a couple of beers. There is a certain spot in particular with a rickety old bridge that was just ideal for stopping on and pissing off of. It had become so infamous that if you told someone to meet you at "Piss Creek Bridge" , 95% of the people in our community would know where you were talking about. Sure enough, we made our stop there, hung out for a minute, did our business, then was on our way.
Next morning, get a call from my panicked mother asking when was the last time I had spoke to my brother. Turns out, the previous Thursday night, he and his girlfriend had devised a plan to get one of her older gentleman friends to come over for some you know what. Plan was to knock him out when he came in, grab his cash, then hit the road. Didn't quite work out like that. Instead, he put up a pretty good fight and my brother ended up strangling the man to death.
That was all pretty much the back drop for the creepy parts. That morning when I went in his house, my footprints can clearly be seen tracing through the puddles of blood in all of the GBI photos of the crime scene. Later that night, coincidentally, my friends and I were basically having a party on the bridge this poor mans body had been tucked under. My brother ended up turning himself in about 4 days later and disclosing where they had hide the body. After doing the math and realizing that body was right underneath us that night, i have never and will never have another "full body shiver" like I had at that moment.
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