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Originally Posted by Fear Night View Post
Back when I was in High school and college I used to ride my 4-wheeler in a pretty fun area. It was a few thousand acres, and heavily frequented by high school and college age people partying in the woods.

Over the years of riding there, I had heard many stories about some of the strange things that had happened on the property. The legend went that an underground satanic cult was active on the property. Both kids and adults would sneak out at night and meet up to sacrifice animals, hold meetings, worship Satan, etc. The signs of such a legend were easily visible. Trees would have strange symbols carved in them, the road that ran through the property would always have freshly drawn chalk pentagrams, words in another language, and other odd things drawn on it, and skeletons of dead animals were all over the place.

Some people that frequented the area even told us stories about seeing some of the members face to face. One guy told me he got his truck stuck in the mud close to dusk, so he was standing around waiting for one of his friends to come pull him out. He said a group of people dressed in all black approached him from the edge of the woods. He tried talking to them but they didn't say anything back. He said they had such an evil, emotionless, and empty stare. They eventually walked away. I have heard probably a dozen very similar encounters to this one from other people. For the most part, they seemed to keep to themselves and try to avoid other groups of people.

My friends and I also did a good bit of night riding out there on our 4-wheelers. One night I remember a group of something far up ahead cross in front of us. It sure looked like a group of people dressed in all black. They looked to be in a rush to get out of the path of our headlights.

One day on the news I hear about a mutilated body that was found out on the property. I was in total shock. Somehow the police were able to track down the people responsible. The suspects confessed, telling the police about the cult, and said he was a required sacrifice and part of their rituals. They also confessed he was not the only person they kidnapped and sacrificed. As far as I know, no other bodies have been found yet.

Seeing the spot the police uncovered the body is pretty disturbing. He was only buried about 3 feet deep and you can clearly see the outline of some type of box he was contained in. The police tape around the scene stood for months.

Eventually, the chalk faded away, and the sightings stopped. Today this property has been developed into a high end subdivision.
What town was this in ?
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