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Originally Posted by SIG-SOG View Post
My wife and I would not have married if she wanted me to get rid of my dog. She will resent you forever if she were to get rid of it. My $.02.
if it were literally any other dog breed in the world (almost) it wouldnt even be an issue...

Originally Posted by Clusterfrack View Post
Is the dog well trained and socialized?
its very sweet, but sketchy as hell. it will come up and be nice to me at times then bark and try to attack me 5 minutes later. it has been living in her bedroom her entire life, it barks and tries to attack everything. has attacked her parents dogs when she brought it home and is EXTREMELY protective of her (the girlfriend)

Originally Posted by ezthumper View Post
I am going to guess your out and out reluctance to even have the dog around is from either from what you have heard or experienced.

Not sure which
  • The first is curable and you are being stubborn and not living up to your signature.
  • The second...might be a bit tough, and no you are not being stubborn, just fear.
judging from personal experience, not "internet" experience. my brother had one as have several friends. in each scenario "something" has gone wrong to where they attacked someone or something and of course it was written off as not the dogs fault...

Originally Posted by DWARREN123 View Post
What are you willing to give up? Goes both ways and neither will like it!
Get over it or go your separate ways.
if the situation were reversed, i'd get rid of my dog in a heart beat. a dog over the girl i want to marry? easy decision.
open your mind and shut your mouth...
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