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my girlfriend and her pit bull....

im sure there have been many "pit bulls are the best dogs ever" or "pit bulls are terrible!!!" threads on here, but i figured i'd start one more.

the lady and I have been dating for over a year now and are very serious. have discussed marriage, have talked about kids eventually and all that junk. everytime we start discussing serious things there is one issue we can not get beyond, her pit bull...

a little background:

I am 29, graduated college in 2006, worked in vegas for a few years and have lived back in the houston area since 2009. have a good steady job, own a house (paid for) as well as my car. I have a dachshund, no kids and have never been married, or even considered it.

she is 22, just got her degree in nursing and started her job at the hospital. great girl, was a college cheer leader, awesome personality and we get along great.

the only issue we face and constantly argue about is her dog. we dont live together (she has a house her parents bought that she lived in during college) but plan to start a life together. I have been very clear about the fact that i will not have her dog living in my house since day one, we've kinda just swept it under the carpet each time. well now that she's working and we're more serious, its becoming more of an issue. I have very firm feelings about pit bulls, im sure there's great examples of how sweet they are, but i want nothing to do with them. I wont have one living in my house, i won't have it in my back yard and i certainly wouldnt raise kids around one, period.

she, refuses to get rid of it. she has now stated that she will NOT get rid of it...

what to do......? am i in the wrong here and just too stubborn to acknowledge it?

cliffs: girlfriend for some reason has a pit bull, i will not have anything to do with it, she wont get rid of it... am i an ******* or what?
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