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I am thinking about getting either the glock 26 or 39.

I love both my Taurus 709 and my PT99. The PT 99 is too heavy and big for conceal carry, and the 709 is what my partner likes to carry. So if I got the Glock 26 it would be for When I wanted to carry a 9mm instead of a 45, and ammo is cheaper.

If I went with the 39 it would be to replace my Para 1911 which only holds 6+1. The Glock would be about 5 oz heavier and a little bigger. But I do like shooting the 45 acp rounds better than I do the 9mm. Currently the Para is my EDC.

My reasons so far for leaning towards a glock are the reliability that is so highly spoke of on the net about them. Although I only know 2 people of all my shooting friends who own one. I have found I have to purpusly make myself put my finger in the right spot on the trigger. With Glocks my finger just naturally falls there.

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