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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
Those "compact" spots are BS. Just like the family, or my very, VERY favorite of the BS parking spaces.

The "Hybrid/fuel efficient vehicle" spaces that are now becoming popular. Especially at the PX.

I take a deranged pleasure in parking my extended cab 2500 diesel truck in them. And leaving it running in the winter while I shop.

Plus, they are ALWAYS in the preferred parking locations. I get why the handicapped get better parking than the rest of us, but I'll be damned if I'm going to park further out than some soccer mom just because I haven't popped out a couple of mouth breathers, or because I drive a vehicle that can actually haul the stuff I own and didn't drive the econo-box to the wholesale store.
I'm not sure about the PX, but any other store, it's private property. They can set whatever parking restriction they like, and if your vehicle gets towed, that on you for disregarding the rights of that property owner.

Back many, many years ago, I worked for a small local business. We had probably a dozen parking spots (and had 5 employees), so every space was needed. There were signs that said parking was only for our shop, and that violators may be towed. We were right next door to the recruiters' offices.

I don't recall having anyone towed (the signs said "may") when they would park in our lot and go into the recruiters. Instead, what we did was take a 1/3rd sized sheet of paper with a message "politely" reminding them that they were parking in a private business lot. Then we would put that note on their windshield, facing inward, and secured with heavy-duty packing tape. It was NOT on the paint, just on the glass.

Private businesses have the right to post up any kind of limited parking they want. But I guess some folks just feel they're more important than silly "rules" and rights of property owners and they'll just do whatever the hell they want anyway.
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