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Originally Posted by 223Carbine View Post
Well howdy from Texas. This is my first post here, but I do want to say that I think those compact car spaces are BS. Why would anyone redesignate spaces as compact. A good many people drive larger cars or trucks. Are they not good citizens/customers too? I view them as another BS attempt by the political left to get us all to drive small cars. It is an attempt to manipulate people. I say BS to the whole thing and just take 2 of the puny spaces. You guys might want to rethink this a bit. All the best...
Sometimes there are REASONS for "COMPACT car parking only" area. Its often on a corner of parking garage, where wall sticks in slightly,etc. Places a crew cab, long bed pickup would stick halfway into lane. BUT a sub 18' compact would fit.
I do agree you should stay between the lines. I really LOVE those places with double lines. Some drivers cheat so pass tires are on single line (guess so they can get out of drivers seat) with double lines its clear where YOUR area is, and where mine starts.
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