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Don't park in a "compact car" space if you don't drive a compact car

I drive to work on average maybe ~2x per week. Sometimes I take the train, sometimes I work from home, sometimes I don't go into the office because I'm on the road at a client.

When I do drive to work, I always park at the same parking garage, so I've been seeing the same cars for a couple of years now. The garage is 10 stories and is never ever full, but the spaces near the elevator on the low floors do fill up fairly quickly.

Half of those spaces are "compact car" spaces. Every day, they're full (2 cars per 3 spaces on average, since they don't fit) of Honda Pilots, Jeep Grand Cherokees, minivans, full-size sedans like Tauruses--everything but cars that actually fit between the lines. These are pretty small spaces, even a large-ish domestic sedan like a Chevy Malibu doesn't really fit.

I've seen this guy double parked somewhere every time I have gone into the garage. One of these days I'm gonna set his car on fire.

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