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Originally Posted by Lord View Post
No offense, but the attitude that you present here, is exactly the reason why necessary change never happens. A shrug of the shoulder as one passes by; the plain and obvious apathy... that's exactly the reason why some people do the things they do.. because no one is going to stop them. They are unfazed mainly because no one calls them out on they're less than intelligent decisions, which only serves to perpetuate the problem.
I beg to differ, as there definitely is no apathy and shrugging going on. Some people you just cannot change their minds, Im ok with that. A store owner who is bent on posting a No Firearms notice most likely will not be swayed by a few dozen letters. An owners store is also his castle, let that person conduct as they seem fit. As I most likely would not want to visit their home...I can certainly do the same with their respective place of business. Dont get me wrong, I appreciate the template you created...gets the point across for someone who want to use it as a model. As for myself, I would choose to just not give them my attention/business.
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