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Originally Posted by cartman308 View Post
The 556 doesnt have the on target performance I want. To many first hand accounts of multiple hits and the target still causing casualties. My dad is a vietman veteran.

No I am not going to war. But I plan to deer hunt with this rifle and the 556/223 doesnt inspire confidence in me. Will it work..... of course. The .22mag is the choice of poachers nationwide.

Ammo is available whem people arnt if a stupid panic and buying up everything. Or buying to resell to paniced people. I can remeber last summer 300BO ammo was in the Bargan Cave at the wheeling Cabelas......

I wouldnt be buying 556/223 ammo right now at the rediculous prices most are demanding.

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While I generally wouldn't suggest 5.56 for deer hunting, there is plenty of current 5.56 ammo that is VERY well proven both by LEO use and Military as being highly effective at stopping fights, even at long ranges. The whole bit of 5.56 being weak and useless just doesn't hold true any more, so long as you use a decent load and the right weapon, and the trigger puller does his part.
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