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Originally Posted by Cole125 View Post
This is the reason 300 black out never floated my boat. On paper and in principle its a outstanding cartridge but it does you no good if you can't get ammo for it.

At least .223/5.56 is still available somewhat.
The 556 doesnt have the on target performance I want. To many first hand accounts of multiple hits and the target still causing casualties. My dad is a vietman veteran.

No I am not going to war. But I plan to deer hunt with this rifle and the 556/223 doesnt inspire confidence in me. Will it work..... of course. The .22mag is the choice of poachers nationwide.

Ammo is available whem people arnt if a stupid panic and buying up everything. Or buying to resell to paniced people. I can remeber last summer 300BO ammo was in the Bargan Cave at the wheeling Cabelas......

I wouldnt be buying 556/223 ammo right now at the rediculous prices most are demanding.

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