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Originally Posted by I'M Glockamolie View Post
I saw some at my local Academy Sports store (one of the 3 I frequent, anyway) within the last week. I don't know the price, but they haven't fallen prey to any price hikes on guns and ammo. I don't recall seeing it on the shelf prior, but I never looked for it, either. I'll be doing a few recon missions over the next few days, and will report if I see any. Academy has a one box per day on certain calibers, but .300 Blackout isn't one of 'em. Should I buy every box they have if I find some?
If you have a buddy with a 300 either let them know where its or buy it for them. I'm not near an academy so it wont help me.

I have a couple guys that run pawn shops locally trying to locate me some. Its insane.

My stopping point is going to be powder as far as reloading. I have primers available and enough bullets to get going.
Hopefully by mid summer this will all be calmed down. At least so I can get sighted in by November.

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