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Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
I'd go with 223, unless you plan on firing at ranges in excess of 500 yards.

223 is a lot cheaper to shoot than 308.
30.06 is more expensive than both of them.

^^^Normally, I would agree 100% with the above statement. ^^^
(Around here, .223 is getting to be $1.00/round!!!!!)

Originally Posted by Adamz04 View Post
If ammo cost isn't a factor you could pick up a .270 Winchester or .243 Winchester rifle. Less popular caliber may mean more on the shelves.
Of the two you mentioned I'd go .308
^^^'Today', I think I'd go with either .270 or .243, simply because of 'the market' on ammo and reloading supplies.

Around here, you cannot find .223, .308 or .30-'06 ammo and/or components.
However, .270 and .243/6mm 'stuff' is fairly plentiful.

Another option is a .30-30 levergun.
That 'old catridge' has been going strong and is more than plentiful, still.
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