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Originally Posted by HKLovingIT View Post
I have a question.

Shotguns have safeties and rifles have safeties but when the topic of a safety on a handgun comes up it gets really controversial. Not just in terms of what you guys were saying about training large numbers of people, but the existence of a safety on a handgun in general seems to really bring out the fire in people on one side or the other.

How come?

Is it because revolvers don't have safeties and when the transition was made to autos it was viewed with the stinkeye?
Good question. IMO it has to do with the presentation. Long guns are rarely used in LE and when I have deployed one in the field, there was ample time to turn the safety off. Frankly, and it went against training, I didn't use the safety anyway. The gun is hot regardless, what makes it any safer just because the safety is on? So I'd charge the chamber, keep it in a safe direction, and when done, clear the chamber and put it back in the rack.

With a handgun, it is always ready. It is cold when it is in the holster and hot when out. Again, no advantage to a safety. Also, handguns are often deployed in an instant. That doesn't mean a safety can't be flicked off, but it means that a higher level of training is going to be needed and that just doesn't happen in most LE circles.

You can put in the time to be proficient with taking a gun off safe while seaking cover and presenting your gun and getting off a shot while someone is trying to kill you, but it's just isn't going to happen when you have guys spening less than 10 hours a year on the range.
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