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Originally Posted by capnjim01 View Post
Thinking about buying a long gun just to have around just incase SHTF or just to shoot. 30-06 or 308 any suggesstions.
BTW: Both 30-06 and .308 ar correct answers!

If you are a hunter and want bolt guns primarily-- 30-06 has some advantages over .308 for heavy bullet use. e.g. one can load/buy a 200+gr in a 30-06.

If you want a semi-auto at some point go .308.

They are like brothers--very simular in strength, one taller (30-06). The length of the 30-06 makes for longer action bolt guns and fewer semi-auto options (almost no black rifles in 30-06 if that matters). Modern semis are basically .308 by sales numbers. (NOT THAT MODERN IS BETTER, an old Garand in 30-06 is a bad ass gun!)

Ammo prices are simular but the .308 is winning over time.

As other posters mentioned, know going in that each round you shoot will be $.50-for steel case non reloadable to around a buck for common brass case ammo. Hunting rounds can be more.

So--my big question to the OP... Now you know the price of ammo--does .223 at $.20-40 sound a lot better--this option is basically only if you want to plink or not hunt--still good for self defense but so a shotgun etc...

Bottom line: Think about ammo prices and avialablity then the gun... I made the mistake in the past buying the new *****en round only to regret it.

BTW: Both 30-06 and .308 ar correct answers!
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