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Originally Posted by RichardB View Post
I understand that only a few cops ever fire their weapons on duty throughout an entire career. But they need to understand constitutional law, the latest court decisions, as well as be able to out talk or manhandle folks, testify in court, prepare detailed paperwork or provide first aid on a daily basis.

Tell me what is covered in their promotion tests? Are timed progressively more difficult practical gun handling exercises graded for promotion. What is needed for promotion is where the Cops will spend their extra time (unless they ordinarily work a dangerous assignment).
Please, don't try to muddle this discussion with reality. It simply will be wasted on certain participants. Black and white simplicity is needed.

Here, I'll fix your post for you:

All cops shall attend GUNSITE for their firearms training. Then they shall be issued Ol' Slabsides and hardball (they all fall to hardball). Any extra resources shall not be spent on Consitutional Law, emrgency vehicle operations, conflict resolution, first aid, interview/interrogation techniques, less lethal force, report writing, and court room tactics (among others). Any further resources will be spent on additonal GUNSITE training and hardball.

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