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I got a good one.

I was 23 years old and recently bought my first house. We were throwing a party in the apartment above the garage (we partied up there to keep the house clean) when a random drunk stranger walks in and picks a fight with my buddy and his girlfriend. Since nobody knew who he was, we kicked him out. As he was leaving my driveway, he hit two parked cars and peeled out off down the road. Several people chased after him on foot. The guy pulled over about a block away, got out of his truck with a revolver in hand, and started shooting in their direction. Everyone hit the ground. The shots were clearly heard at my house, where I still was. Just about that time, my buddy Evan (who was determined to get the guys plate number) was barelling down the road and saw him with gun in hand and decided to take him out with his Jeep Cherokee. He drove right into the guy and layed him out across the hood. Broke both of his legs and knocked him unconscious.

While waiting for the police to get there, it occured to me that I don't even own a handgun to defend myself against the next drunken ******* that stumbles onto my property armed. Being new to an unknown neighborhood, I figured I wouldn't take any more chances. A couple weeks later, I bought a Springfield SD40 and 6 months after that, my father and I signed up for a CCW class.

The guy in my story turned out to be so drunk, he thought he had arrived at his buddies house when he came to mine. Apparantly his buddy lived 5 or 6 houses down the street. The police charged him with his 4th DUI that night. His pistol was never recovered and Evan was never charged with running him over.
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