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I have been carrying a 357 Revolver (8 shot Pro Series 4") for quite a while. Shooting it is pretty simple but reloading is not. You pretty much have to take your eyes off the target to reload with moon clips or speed loaders. If you were in an awkward position such as lying on your side or on a stair case with your feet up hill, reloading may be more dificult and time consuming. If 4 or 5 rounds have been fired and there is an intermission, it is probable that emptying the remaining rounds and reloading the whole cylinder is faster that trying to load just the expended chambers. On an auto, you can draw your full magazine and have it in position so it only takes a split second to dump the partially expended magazine and replace it with a full one. Easier to do in an awkward position while trying to keep eyes on the threat. I have my magazines arranged on my belt so they are accessible with either hand. If one hand is out of action, I can still reload, only slightly slower. I may carry my old 6946 tomorrow with its 12+1 capacity plus one 12 round extra magazine and two 20 round magazines. Simple to operate, reliable, adequate number of rounds. Those Glock 357s are beginning to interst me. Capacity (Taylor Freelance), reliability, simplicity, penetration. I have a beta mag for my M4 plus a carload of PMags. Am I paranoid enough?

When I first started in 1974 with my training being "here is your badge and the car key, Try not to kill anybody the first day. I started the academy 45 days later. Worked graveyards 12-7 and then went to the academy in the day. 99 percent of police shootings were one bad guy against one cop at close range. Whoever made a good solid hit first won. Second place carried a pretty severe penalty range. Now a days, there are more ambushes, well armed criminals, mass shooters who plan on shooting unarmed innocents until someone takes them out. There have been three mass shootings in our general area (UT Tower, Lubys, Fort Hood). They were years apart with different motivational factors, but large govermnent offices, large universities and a large military base in the area, we have to be ready for a major terrorist or anarchist action in addition to Drug Cartels, Texas Mafia, MS13, Aryan Nations, Soverign Citizens and Republic of Texas. All those terrorist actions overseas are just dress reheasals for the same thing over here. Mass hostage situation at a school, theatre, sporting event, the olympic games, the super bowl.

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