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Originally Posted by Fox View Post
The S&W Model 57 or Model 58 revolver chambered in .41 Magnum would be ideal for park rangers, game wardens, and other rural law enforcement agencies that may have to contend with large wild animals in a self defense scenario.

Use the standard loads for criminals, use the full magnum loads for bear.

Back in the 70's I carried a M58 with Remington mid range loads. That was after my own testing, not that of my dept. Our policy was it had to be a DA revolver and you had to qualify with it to carry it.
There has always been a misconception that just because cops carry guns they love, adore, and respect them. I've seen officers go to the range to qualify with revolvers that wouldn't function. I've checked shotguns in racks that had been used as ashtrays. A lot of cops then as now consider guns just another tool of the trade.
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