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One of the interesting side notes in a comparison of the "Glock-type" pistol V the "1911" that I find amusing happens with regularity in the "general firearms" section

The argument goes thusly,

"The Glock is perfectly safe because it is all about training, I swear on a stack of bibles, cross my heart and hope to die, that I will never, ever, put my finger on the trigger until I am ready to shoot because I have trained to a moral certainty of that. I wouldn't carry a 1911 however because I not sure I can train well enough to always remember to flick off a thumb safety"

And this is on a forum of gun enthusiasts. Imagine the hair pulling chore it is to teach a bunch of cops, many who aren't enthusiasts, the ins and outs of firearms safety and use.

To put it in another perspective, a PD I was familiar with changed over, in the mid '70s from the "old fashioned" S&W 19 & 66s to the "New" S&W 39's" the argument went this way,

"We are changing over because the new gun is a bit easier to train officers on at the range. DA shooting is a hard skill and we will simply lower expectations a bit for that first shot from the "safe" DA position. In addition we feel this gun will enhance officer safety due to the magazine safety (allowing the officer to "punch out" in a struggle for the weapon) and the slide mounted safety which provides a margin of officer safety that the revolver lacks since anyone can fire a revolver without being trained on the use of any safety."

In a few years other autos had been tried and the Glock was finally settled on, because, as the reasoning went,

"this new pistol will streamline the training process because of its simplicity and the relative ease with which a non-shooter can be trained to fire it. With no complex safety mechanism to deal with and a consistent trigger pull less time will need to be spent on such details and we can qualify officers to a practical standard much more efficiently"

In the reality of it all, the 1911 is a fine gun, but it is no surprise that it is not taking up much space in the general LE issue community. It's great gun for the 1911 enthusiast, and was for a soldier as a secondary arm, but as a primary arm for those who are neither, not so much.

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