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Originally Posted by ChiefWPD View Post
I assure you, the level of training given to both incoming officers as well as those already in the field would be woefully inadequate for issuance of the 1911 platform. Beside which, why would you issue a seven round magazine capacity handgun to officers when perfectly suitable fifteen round magazine capacity handguns are available?

I'm not pushing 1911's. I'm just at odds with the idea that the average officer/person can't operate one safely and efficiently without spending several thousand dollars on training.

You draw the weapon, slip the safety off, settle the sights, and pull the trigger. It really isn't all that complicated and it takes just a bit of practice.

I understand your position, but the problem isn't with the weapon. It's with the officers and I for one have little sympathy for a police officer that is negligent enough not to become proficient with such an important part of their job.

But in the end, we pander to the lowest common denominator. It has become the default response in our society and I get that. The tail wags the dog.

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