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new member, not a glock owner......yet?

I live in fort worth TX. I have always enjoyed shooting for hunting and handguns as a hobby.In 2012 I finally decided to get my CHL.

Since I don't have a glock yet I will give you a little history of my pistols.

I have a Taurus PT 99 that I bought back in 1987. It is a full size 9mm, it has been the most dependable pistol I have ever had. Its still shoots wonderful.

I have a Ruger Mark 3 that is a tank but a great gun.

My brother got me into 1911s about 2 yrs ago. My first one was a Rock Island Armory Compact 45. Its very accurate, but in my opion too heavy to conceal carry. The gun has been sent back once because the bullets were tumbling after leaving the barrel. Then a second time because a factory bullet was loaded too heavy and messed up the fun.

I bought a used Para Slim Hawg 45 at a gun show from a dealer for $350. I changed out the extractor and tuned the new one, and it works great for me now. This gun is currently my EDC gun.

So then I buy a Taurus slim 709 from my cousin. Really like this gun. It was bought for my partner's EDC. We are out shooting at the range one day and the mags start falling out after we fire the gun. Sent the gun back but now fixed. This gun is only about 18 months old. It is a polymer gun.

Some where in that history I bought a new Kahr CW45. After shooting it the first time I found a lot of pieces of plastic inside the gun while cleaning it. Starting having Jamming issues with it. Sent it back to Kahr with the plastic pieces. they replaced the barrel, and said the plastic pieces was normal.

I know this was a long intro. But I have a reason. I came to this forum to find out "whats the big deal with Glock?". Are they really that much better than all the other brands? Why should my next gun be a glock? Or should I just give up on polymer gun all together?

David Branch
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