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Originally Posted by njl View Post
Yes. I got an SPX barrel, rear sight rail, and LPA rear ghost ring sight. When the mag extension arrives, AFAIK, my 930 will be indistinguishable from a factory produced 930 SPX.
Cool, will as you probably know itís going to be tough to properly sight in your SPX with only four slugs. Normally one would shoot three shot groups starting at close range and working your way out. But I did it with my Benelli M2 Tactical with five. This is what I did. I put my Ghost ring rear sight in the neutral position, placed my target at 20 yards and using a rest to steady my shotgun I took the shot concentrating on trigger squeeze and breathing. When the shot goes off it should be a total surprise. If needed adjust the sight to your hit then I moved the target out to 40 yards repeating the process. I then moved to 60 and finally to 75 yards. It took me 5 slugs then I followed with another 5 when I was done I could cover the hole with a pie plate. The distance of 75 yards was all I needed, my Benelli is for home defense and most likely will only see 00 buckshot. Let me say you will love you SPX for home defense. I have always shot pump shotguns but after a shoulder injury I find that a semi auto works the best. And as far as reliability I have 650 shells through my Benelli without one malfunction. Iíve even shoot a number of low brass shells from the hip in an attempt to get a FTE or FTF did not happen. Best of luck and let me know how you make out. One more thing I have a shoulder stock for a Mossberg 930 SPX if you should ever need one.
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