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Originally Posted by larson1122 View Post
Get on the email notification lists at Bravo Company. They've been putting up small batches fairly regulary and have added the option to add a BCG and charging handle with your upper purchase.
This exactly.

Watch BCM's site and sign up for email notifications on all of the uppers. The 16" mid-lengths (no rails) especially. $459 for the 'complete' upper, lately with an option to add a BCM BCG and gunfighter charging handle for another $270.

Can't beat that.

Originally Posted by Kadetklapp View Post
Wow. Rguns uppers with bcg and a selection of hand guards, barrel specs, and color beat a lot of those others.

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You couldn't pay me to run an rguns upper or BCG, and I sure as hell won't ever be giving them any money.
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