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GlockStore Saga Over?

I called each of the GlockStore's phone numbers numerous times today. The (858) 569-4000 number will ring a certain number of times/minutes, then you'll get a message something like, "Your party isn't answering the call, (no kidding?) please call back later." So, I switched to their (800) 601-8273 number. A couple of times it timed-out and hung up with no one answering, then, a gentleman answered.

I told him I wanted to cancel an order. He asked for the invoice number and I gave it to him. He said, "You already called on the 20th and canceled it, " I don't understand what you mean." I said yes, I canceled the remainder of the order, the magazines, and asked for a refund on the rest of the shipping charges, and I haven't received the refund for the shipping charges on the entire order.

He said something like well, "We can't just UPS something out to you, (Glock holster,) and have you expect to get a refund unless you return it. And, UPS has a minumum charge for shipping, even if you ship a rock." Then, I reminded him the holster came to me in a $5.20 USPS Priority Mail box and that I paid $16.20 for shipping the entire order. He said, hold on I'll transfer you to mumble, mumble, and put me on hold.

About a minute later another gentleman answered the phone and said, "David" said you'd like to cancel an order and get a refund. He looked up the order and knew I had called last month to cancel it. He didn't understand why I was calling again to cancel it until I told him I never got a refund on the additional shipping charges. I explained the whole thing from the start, then he understood I never got a refund. The second guy I spoke to was all about customer service. He was courteous and listened to my situation.

Bottom line, they're refunding the difference in the shipping charges without the usual handling fees, stuff.

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