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Originally Posted by Ragnar View Post
It should be noted that the only two times they were used, we won the war. Exactly which wars have we won since then?
Gulf War 1, Iraq*, Grenada, Afghanistan*, the Yugolslav mess (Bosnia, Croatia, etc), Panama

The * items are dependent on your view. Iraq dragged on too long doing "nation-building" afterward, but the primary mission was to remove the existing government. That was accomplished fairly quickly (whether you agree with the action or not, we did what we set out to do). Afghanistan, also; the primary goal was to remove the Taliban from controlling the country and finding OBL; both were accomplished.

Korea - we stopped the North from taking over the South, but (because of China), we couldn't drive the North out, so call that a wash.

Oh, and how about the really big one, the reason for the massive build-up of nukes in the first place: The Cold War. Won with nary a shot fired, and certainly not nuclear weapons.

Now, flip your own question around: How many wars did we win BEFORE there were nuclear weapons? WWI, Revolutionary War, War with Mexico, Spanish-American War.

What do you claim we've lost since nuclear weapons came along? Vietnam, Somalia....and...?

And, just for the sake of the discussion, I posit that the nuclear devices in Hiroshima and Nagasaki did NOT win the war with Japan. They were already beaten. The bombs simply accelerated the end-game.
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