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kurt.glock88..."Please list the bullet and weight, powder and charge, primer, oal, and general accuracy out of the gun in which it was shot."

That a tall order there but I'll give you the reader's Digest version;
Just as a side note this was an email I received from Alliant powders about 3 years ago about what they recommend to use for 9mm loads;

Information From Alliant Powders: 9mm Luger*
115 grain Jacketed
Bullseye start 4 grains max 4.6 grains
Unique start 5 grains max 5.5 grains
Power Pistol start 5.5 grains 6.3 grains
124/125 grain Jacketed
Bullseye start 3.9 grains max 4.4 grains
Unique start 4.5 grains max 5 grains
Power Pistol start 5 grains max 5.5 grains
147 grain Jacketed
Unique start 4 grains max 4.5 grains
Power Pistol start 4.5 grains max 5 grains

Tested using Glock G17 (Gen. 3) - 124g FMJ RN
Burn rate chart -
Alliant Bullseye @ 3.8g
Winchester 231 @ 4.3g
Hodgdon Universal @ 4.8g
Alliant Power Pistol @ 6.2g
Winchester WSF @ 5.4g (using a 115g FMJ bullet)
Accurate Arms #5 @ 6.2g
Hodgdon HS6 @ 6.5g
Winchester Autocomp @ 5.0g

Now "accuracy" is sort of a relative term in my books, however all of the above powders/charge weights that I have tested produced a very manageable firing, fast re-acquisition of target, tight groups from both a seated gun rest as well as a standing free hand shooting position - from my G17 shooting from my hand.

As always - consult your load manuals, start low and work your way up. You will find where you and your Glock will hit that sweet spot of the best bullet/charge weight for you.

Good luck and be safe.
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