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Originally Posted by Rabid Rabbit View Post
Considering he had to sleep on the OBL decision, it might take BO a month to decide.
By all reports, the "certainty" that OBL was there was in the neighborhood of 65-75%.

The operation included sending in US forces into a "friendly" country. It involved sending in highly-classified equipment (the copters) and invading the airspace of a sovereign nation without any sort of notification in accordance with any sort of agreements we have with said sovereign nation.

All based on less than 80% certainty.

By way of comparison, after the 9/11 eleven attacks, it took 9 days before the President even made a demand that OBL be turned over by the Taliban. After the Taliban offered to try him in an Afghan court which was (rightly) rejected, we launched military operations in Afghanistan on Oct 7, 2001.

26 days after the fact.

Do I have any problems with either of those delays? No. None, at all. When you're talking about invading another country and, more importantly, putting the lives of US military members at VERY high risk, I think taking a little bit of time to think about it isn't a bad thing.
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