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Glock 17 target loads

Hello all, first post here and new to forums in general. Anyhow I have a factory gen 4 glock 17 and I'm looking for very accurate target loads. I'm not competing or anything but I really get satisfaction from punching a 2" hole from fifty feet.

With ammo and components short here as I'm sure it is most everywhere I'm limited to my selection. I'm am usually able to find what I need for the most part due to the fact that I have 6 gun shops within 20 miles of my house. What I have on hand as of right now is bullseye powder, power pistol powder, cci 500 primers, fc brass, and Speer 124 grain fmj. Please help with any accurate loads you may know of with what I have on hand. I'm also interested in accurate loads using the same components listed but a different powder.

Please list the bullet and weight, powder and charge, primer, oal, and general accuracy out of the gun in which it was shot. Thanks for all the help in advance. I've heard great things about these forums.
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