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Let me add my congrats and reinforce all those who say their G26 is their favorite concealed carry weapon. My Gen 4 model is now my ONLY gun after many years of hunting upland game and big game and owning countless handguns (inc. about 12-15 Glocks).

As I enter my retirement years, I want to be TOTALLY familiar with the one gun that I find totally reliable.

I am now shooing my G26 in IDPA matches and if/when I shave 12 seconds off my Classifier match time, I'll be ranked Expert in the SSP division ... an accomplishment I would have once felt impossible. But, the inherent accuracy and rapid recovery from recoil with my G26 enables me to shoot very well from all ranges, even the 20-yard barricade in the third stage. Never discount the accuracy of your G26. Many people shoot their 26s more accurately than larger Glock 9mms and I'm one of them. Often the G26 wins the Matchmeister award at GSSF matches, against G19s, 17s and even 34s. That's telling you a lot about the gun's ability and those who learn how to master their baby Glocks.

Now go shoot the crap out of that little darlin'.
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