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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
And it wouldn't be a danger for any on duty police for many years EVEN IF 100% of every supplier on Earth refused to sell to those areas. (an impossibility). Other out of state or federal law enforcement would make sure those guys are going to get what they need on the job.

The danger has been greatly overstated.

The only law enforcement officers inconvenienced will be the guys that have not already stocked up for personal "at home" use. And all they will have to do is look around a little harder for a supplier. They will not have to get rid of, destroy or turn in what they already have. They are much better off than their neighbors.
The North Hollywood shootout had a major PD that was armed with 9MM and .38's, a few had shotguns in their cars. They faced fully armored badguys with illegal full auto 7.62's that penitrated the officers body armor and cars.

There are many smaller PD's that could get caught in the same situation. Being in Texas, some county deputies know that back up can be 20-40 minutes away, on a ranch, where the bad guys can have anything and everything.

Not everyone has the money to buy their own equipment, not every PD has money buy fancy stuff. If the Military were to have a PD budget, most soldiers would desert and not face the enemy so poorly equiped. But soldiers get close to the best equipment and get to work in the size of hundreds to thousands at a time. That lone deputy, should be as well equiped. The citizens, I could care less as they dont tend to help out that often.
We need more restrictions on the 1st Amendment and less on the 2nd Amendment.
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