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Originally Posted by WarCry View Post

Marriage has been around FAR longer than any Christian faith group, so trying to say "it's a church thing" is incredibly arrogant. Staking a claim on something that existed before the Church? Really?

And then you come back to the pedophile thing, and that stupid, STUPID comment that so many people have used about "any person over the age of consent has the right to marry anyone of the opposite gender also over the age of consent."

Pedophilia is NOT THE SAME! You said it yourself, the determining factor is CONSENT. A child cannot consent.

Think about it this way, if you insist on using pedophilia as an excuse: Gay marriage is illegal at the federal level right now. That has remarkably stopped all pedophilia, right? That's the same stupid argument as holding up Chicago's gun ban to demonstrate how gun control works: Guns were illegal there for nearly 3 decades, and completely did away with firearms homicides, right?

The pure hypocrisy in some people between the gay marriage and gun rights issues is astonishing.
You not only hit the nail on the head, you did so with a sledgehammer...especially the part in bold. HH
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