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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
And it wouldn't be a danger for any on duty police for many years EVEN IF 100% of every supplier on Earth refused to sell to those areas. (an impossibility). Other out of state or federal law enforcement would make sure those guys are going to get what they need on the job.

The danger has been greatly overstated.

The only law enforcement officers inconvenienced will be the guys that have not already stocked up for personal "at home" use. And all they will have to do is look around a little harder for a supplier. They will not have to get rid of, destroy or turn in what they already have. They are much better off than their neighbors.
That is not completely true.
I know of many agencies that do not issue patrol rifles but allow them to be carried, so there are new officers in ban states that won't be able to buy anytime soon.

So to say that they will only be inconvenienced for their home collection would not be true.

I also support the manufacturers doing what they can, I find it completely self serving and two faced by the way, I see no cancellation of federal or military contracts.....
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