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Need to give some shout outs to some sponsors that will be providing donations for this events:

Thanks to the following:
Crossbreed Holsters - CrossBreedŽ Holsters

Tennessee Holster Co - Leather Holsters for Springfield XD, Glock, 1911, M&P, Beretta, Ruger, Sig, Taurus, Kahr,

Top Gun Supply - Gun Parts | Shooting Supplies | Top Gun Supply

Powder River Precision - PRP~ Perfecting Your XD/XDM!

Bear Creek Holsters - Front Pocket, Back (Wallet) Pocket, IWB, OWB Leather Handcrafted, Hand-stitched Holsters|Bear Creek Metal Works, Texas

Zlogonje Leather -

and HartaTac - Welcome to! Your source for discount high-quality targets.
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