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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
I don't. Whoever they sleep with of their own volition is their business. However just as well, I don't wish to be inundated via a radical Leftist Press and the "Hollywood homos" (James Carville's words) that it is a "normal" lifestyle when it's clearly not or how else did we get here?

What's next on the Liberal agenda? Pedophilia? We've raised a generation with no shame that has given us the current POS in the White House and his minions who are completely devoid of any moral codex except that with which to maintain power. Only apparatchiki such as this would be able to deny the correlation as well as their opiated followers.

Refuse the Kool-Aid.
I very much agree!! So sad to see all the support for murder and gay rights in this thread.
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