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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
What are liberal/leftist ideas that you are sympathetic to or at least can understand why a lot of people think it is a good idea? (and why?)

That doest mean you agree or support it (of course it could mean that) It simply means what I asked. What are some of the ideals of liberalism/ left leaning thought that you get?

For example. I am sympathetic to gay marriage.

Given the things said around here, I know plenty of you are sympathetic to price controls, unions, wage caps, socialized medicine...and a lot of other issues.

So, who is first?
Equal rights, partially socialized healthcare (not the abortion we've got now), the right to have control over your own body (suicide, abortion, etc), adherence to separation of church and state, due process, their approach of rehabilitating rather than incarcerating when dealing with people with mental or emotional problems...I'm sure there are more.

I actually agree of a lot of what they stand for. Mind you the Democrats in office, as well as the Republicans in office, today do not represent the values of either party.
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