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Originally Posted by og23 View Post
Gay marriage, pro choice, separation of church and state. I think religion should not be a factor in any laws and freedom includes choices too.

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Pretty much my stance as well. In a truly free society the individual has the right to choose their course in life and they accept the consequences of those choices. Our society is not free and hasn't been for some time.

Religion again is a personal choice to engage in and one mans religion should not be the dictate of law for all men, regardless what their dogma dictates. Again in a truly free society where the recognition of God's granting of free will all men should be able to live their life and exercise their choices without having others deny or denounce them for their choices.

If you are of a religious bent then it is not our place to determine innocence or guilt of a persons choice of lifestyle and beliefs. That is for the deity to decide. Now in the case of capital crimes or crimes against others that do not result in death or injury then the onus falls upon we the people to try those accused in a fair court then punish in accordance with findings based on evidence and fact.

Same goes with women and their right to choose what to do with their body. It is not mans place to dictate right or wrong, again if you are of religious bent then the deity will make the final arbitration. It is not ours to make.

Also as pointed out by others, environmentalism to a point. I do believe we need to be better caretakers of our environment that we can find a nice balance of carbon based, nuclear and "green" energy production methods. I like clean air and water... but not at the expense of deterring the freedoms of people. I also believe we need to be better at managing our wildlife resources. We as a species are intelligent enough to see the damage we do, we can still enjoy hunting and such but we need to be a bit better at managing it. And I mean both ways.
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