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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
That's simply not true.

You or I have the right to visit our spouse in the hospital even if that person is unconscious and unable to consent. It's an implied part of the marriage agreement.

A gay person has no such right to visit their partner.

There are a multitude of other examples, large and small. I totally agree with the person who said "you're not Rosa Parks and this is nothing like the CRA in the 60's" but to deny it entirely is wrong.
Any person over the age of consent has the right to marry anyone of the opposite gender also over the age of consent. That spouse may certainly visit their spouse in the hospital. If anyone wants someone of the same gender to be able to visit them in the hospital, they can simply give that person healthcare power of attorney.

The next argument I usually hear is that "I" have the right to marry the person I love, and everyone else should have that right, too. That doesn't work, though, because we don't allow pedophiles to marry the children they claim to "love," and we don't (yet) allow polygamous or polyandrous marriages among a crowd of people who "love" each other. We don't allow people to marry adult mental incompetents they "love." "Love" is a bs reason for the gov't to use to define marriage.

My solution would still solve the problem better than anything anyone else has offered. Get the gov't out of the marriage business entirely. The gov't can offer civil unions to any mentally competent person over the age of consent, ensuring determination of next-of-kin, inheritance, benefits... hell if they actually wrote the law correctly, they could fix the current problems with alimony awards. Marriages would be performed by a church which determines whom it will marry and whom it won't, and neither a civil union nor a marriage would require the other.

What is wrong with this? Everyone gets what they want. Civil Unions with bennies, Marriages with the blessing of God, churches that can act within their conscience, and the gov't still gets the price of the license. Why is this a problem?
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