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Originally Posted by ezthumper View Post
When you are locked up in your little room, and everyone around you is stoking your ego telling you that the world trembles at your feet...his stupidity has no bounds.

Actually, the fastest we got the birds up during a "drill", was just shy of ten minutes. We were 30 minutes from China, and 25 minutes from the the first strike site in NK.
So...two hours would break down to laughing about sucker punching the US for about...twenty minutes or so...before NATO starts pounding his country to dust, another ten minutes of mania before NATO pulls out, and we hit him with everything we've got (think god-like temper tantrum on an ant colony...), then the last hour and a half or so dying of acute radiation poisoning along with at least half of his country-men (assume we were even -somewhat- particular about what we hit, of course).
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