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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
Gay marriage proponents have a political agenda: to force the public to accept an aberration of Nature as normal. I accept that they exist & in all likelihood are born that way. However, why is it that these same people who want me to accept a genetic aberration balk at accepting any other human predisposition for any other given group? Due
to their agenda they have selective reasoning.

Shame used to be a wonderful societal glue that induced people to adhere to social norms. Look at the society of today and then tell me straight faced that we're better off.
so you'd rather go back to "the good ol' days" when it was acceptable to beat your wife, colored folks had their own water fountains, and women couldn't vote? you want to own slaves, or kill an entire race because they're different too?

society grew up and evolved. some of us realized that the **** that dosen't directly effect us should be left alone.

you either know what freedom is, or you don't.
the brighter your light the darker your shadow.
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