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While I am mostly pro-life I can see where a woman who is a rape victim would want to have an abortion.

Was raised attanding Baptist churches, and while they were mostly good people, after witnessing first hand some of the foolishness ......

For example - Sister Sarah who just joined the church cant sing Amazing Grace because Sister Tina has been singing that song for 10 years. And Tina complains to the pastor after service that Sarah has stolen "her song".

Brother Bob is a professional landscaper and offers to cut the church grass for free. Deacon Jim won't let him because he's not sure that Bob will do a good job. Instead Jim brings his tractor and bush hog to church after a heavy rain, and gets stuck in the yard.

Oh yeah, I definately support the seperation of church and state.
At Thermopylae 1,000,000 Persians lost 20,000 yet failed to disarm just 300 Spartans. 80,000,000 lawful Americans would resist even harder. That we promise.

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