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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
What are liberal/leftist ideas that you are sympathetic to or at least can understand why a lot of people think it is a good idea? (and why?)

That doest mean you agree or support it (of course it could mean that) It simply means what I asked. What are some of the ideals of liberalism/ left leaning thought that you get?

For example. I am sympathetic to gay marriage.

Given the things said around here, I know plenty of you are sympathetic to price controls, unions, wage caps, socialized medicine...and a lot of other issues.

So, who is first?
Gay Marriage. I dont care if Bill and Bob or Nancy and Sue want to get married. They cant possibly screw up marriage more than straight people already have.

Marijuana prohibition. It plain doesnt work.

Medicaid. If we dont provide basic level healthcare to the bums we will provide it at emergency centers at 10 times the price when the conditions are 10 times worse. Its about saving us taxpayers some money on the deal. I ould rather we pay a 50 dollar office visit and a 30 dollar script then they default on a 5k dollar emergency room and hospital stay that drives the cost of all of our healthcare even higher. Lots dont agree with me on that, I dont care.
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