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Any way you slice it, Mike McNett helped to move the 10MM Auto cartridge forward in popularity and power. Times were getting pretty bleak there for those in search of Norma power levels back in the day. Folks were thinking the .40 S&W would supplant the 10MM when Mike picked up the torch.

His initial cartridges using Starline Brass were well made and consistent. His case discount made it attractively priced then too. Forum members were buying more and more with good reports. Then he got his own stamped nickel plated cases and to me that product coupled with the 200 grain XTP was a good reason to stop searching for the right 10MM round and just load up the truck. I've shot thousands of completely reliable rounds from that era and absolutely could not be happier with the round.

Another thing worth considering I think. In business it is common that initial set prices rise as time passes and the owner gets a truer picture of what his true costs are. Furthermore it is common in businesses like this that have fairly low cost of entry that new guys are frequently joining the market at low and likely unsustainable prices because they still don't know the full magnitude of their costs.

I'm sorry to see some of these recent issues and hopefully changes will be implemented to get back the QC of the not so distant past. It's not like us shooters are exactly flush with choices for 10MM, Mike has done good for the round and I hope he sticks around for a long time.
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