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Admittedly, I have only read thru the first and fourth page of this thread so far, but here is my experience...still with no update:

Order placed on DECEMBER 27 because (and ONLY because) their website did NOT say they were out of stock. If it had, I would not have ordered from them. There are gunshows in my town every other weekend.

I got an automated reply right away that stated I would be getting another email "within a few minutes". What a joke. The next email I got was not until January 6th ! Whats that TEN DAYS ???

The email I did receive on January 6 gave me an order number finally, but still didn't say anything about a backorder. At the time of my purchase, there were no notices on the website either stating there was a backorder environment with them.

I placed the order thru their site as a guest, so I cannot check the status of my order even though I've subsequently created an account hoping for that type of access. I don't have a problem typing in a little info to get an update instead of spending all day on a phone. You would think they would welcome this.

To this date, there is a $160 bill potentially about to hit my checking account and I have absolutely no idea WHEN or even IF it will ever happen.

I also did as others have mentioned ....sent email thru their online "Leave a message" window with absolutely NO acknowledgement or reply.

If I ever do get my order, I can assure you, I won't be using them again. All of my friends already know what I think of them.

I really wish I'd looked at the threads regarding this guy and his outfit before I placed that order.

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