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Interesting thread.

My take is that, they've been seen and recorded by too many people...going back for a couple centuries...for everybody to be blowin' smoke.

I believe that something is out there. What it is exactly remains to be seen.

As for bones, teeth, etc. We don't know the intelligence level of such a creature. Assuming that they are real, maybe they bury their dead. Maybe they take precautions to stay hidden. It's not all that unusual with shy, retiring creatures, especially the ones that are primarily nocturnal. People hunt Whitetail deer season after season and never see one. In the past, I spent a lot of time in the great outdoors...and I've caught a glimpse of only one Bobcat. For all practical purposes, one could say that bats don't exist in this part of North Carolina. I haven't seen a bat around here in 15 years.

I've never seen a Sasquatch, nor anything that I could say that was maybe a Sasquatch. I have briefly caught wind of that awful stench that the witnesses say goes along with one in close proximity. It was there and gone in the span of 8-10 seconds. We scoured the area the next day, trying to find something...anything...that would explain it. Never found anything. Whatever made it was moving, and the underbrush was too thick to see a footprint of any kind.

So...I'm not quick to believe, but I'm open-minded enough to say...maybe.
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