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Originally Posted by Gonetodarkside View Post
I understand you not believing and that's cool with me, it does not change my experience in the least. And yes, the story happened as I related it.

I did go back the next day with a few buddies but could not find any tracks. One of my friends who went with me is 6'8''. I had him stand next to the cedar tree where the creature was and I stood approximately where we were positioned in the jeep, he was almost half as tall as the tree.

I will admit, when we did go back down there I was still pretty freaked out and wouldn't have gone alone.
I gotta say, though, it was probably the best bigfoot story I've ever read.

Bigfoot is the one monster that scares the crap out of me. When I was a kid, we'd go to a single wide trailer (used as a summer vacation home) near a lake. I don't know how I got left alone there, but I remember having watched some of the scary bigfoot movies, and then being alone there in that trailer. The windows were too close for my comfort, and it was dark out. I could envision (fear) a big hairy arm coming through the window to grab me. Could also envision being watched by bigfoot.

They had some great scary bigfoot movies in 1970's. Not campy stuff like the 6 million dollar man episode, or the later Harry and the Hendersons. But real hardcore Swamp Monster stuff. I can't remember all the titles.
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