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Originally Posted by Gonetodarkside View Post
We were riding in an old cj7 that would barely run, it had no doors and no top. I had my .30-06 and my friend had his AR with him, neither of us were drinking. We were traveling down a narrow trail through a particularly hairy bottom about 150 yards east of a large creek. The trail opened up to a fairly good sized opening, about 3 acres. The pasture was dotted with cedar trees. As we came into the clearing I caught motion out of the left corner of my left eye. I turned the spotlight to the motion and saw what looked like a giant broad shouldered dark man. He was walking parrallel to us and swinging his arms front to back. As the light shown on him, it turned to face us and stood with this spotlight directly in its face at less than 100 yards. Even with the light that close, most of what you could see is a dark sillouette of a giant man, with huge shoulders, and very wide eyes. I noticed that it didnt blink or shudder at the light in its eyes. When the creature stopped walking and stared at us, he was next to a large cedar tree. He appeared to be approx 3/4 of the height of the tree. I later determined the tree was better than 15 feet tall.
I don't believe you, just because I don't believe.

But did you see something or is the whole story made up? I believe you believe you saw something.

I don't know what. A man? A man in costume trying to trick people? A bear? Some other animal? A bush or tree? I don't know.

It is a great story. A scary story. Fills the imagination, and makes hair on the back of the neck stand up.

If we assume a bigfoot, he certainly heard you driving. Why not stop and just watch you go by? Why not crouch down? They are obviously elusive, so it is strange one would get seen that way. Maybe he's used to cars just driving by, kinda like deer are.

What about tracking it the next day? Get some buddies, some dogs, whatever. Might find prints to tell you what it was.

I joined the NRA, have you yet?

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